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Presenting Rocky - Sydney Australia

Age: 22 Years Old

Eyes:  brown
Hair: Black

Height:  5' 10"
Weight:  65kg


Model's On-Line Portfolio

Rocky from Sydney Australia
Second Runner Up - Male Model of the Year 2002
Second Place - Best Photo Shoots
Second Place - Best Model to Represent Our Site

I always like to meet new people, as all my friends will know im very outgoing, im not a shy person at all im loud & usually make my presence felt wherever I am :), I can talk for hours, I have a great friendly personality & a great sense of humor, I can always make people laugh, Im fun to be with at all times (Alot my friends describe me as care free which is true 98% of the time)

I love partying, being myself & spending alot of time with friends having a good time.

I like all sorts of activities so long as they are fun & interesting.

I personally enjoy the movies, dinners, occasionally the quiet night at home with friends is always good, traveling, long drives, I also really enjoy clubbing, drinking & dancing

In the Summer I love going to the beach I also love shopping for clothes.
I keep fairly fit I run, walk & swim alot, I will be starting the gym soon hopefully

1) What inspires you ? ( from Steve 2nd Runner Up )

?? I would have to say a challenge, something that is achievable but requires hard work to get to the top. Me knowing deep down I can do it though I have to work for it and then get recognized.

2) What's the first thing that comes into your mind when they mention "Brazil" ( Marcio 3rd Runner Up)

Soccer players, I am a big soccer fan (being italian) Brazil always pops into my head because they are better team than Italy and have beat us in several occasions.
Also the music, atmosphere, night life and people.

3) Who is your role model and Why? ( Steve 1st Runner Up )

My brother would be my role model, he leads by example at all times, he is very focused and determined in everything he does making him a very successful man.

4) Why do you think you would be a good Male Model of the Year 2002?
( Keith - Male model of the year 2001 )

I think I would be a good male model for 2002 as I am, myself, have a sense of humor, caring & personality & never losing site of the big picture which I think is to enjoy life & have fun, not to take everything so seriously, of course some things need to be taken seriously but surely not everything.

5) What makes modelling important for you?

It a hobby, I enjoy doing it, therefore it would be just to have some harmless fun. Also I think someone being themselves without putting to much of an act on to be someone you aren't.

Q: What/How do you feel when you get photographed?

I feel fine with being photographed in fact I love being in front of a camera and posing whether it be for a friendly social pictures all for a modelling shoot, I like smiling & being myself there fore I think I turnout natural in pictures.
Im not a shy person so posing in different positions is nothing I'm afraid of doing, as mentioned I quite like it.

Q: Who is your favourite male model and why?

I would have to say Brad Pitt
He has a natural look, charisma and flamboyance.

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