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By signing up and submitting your photos, you are giving "our site" the rights to use such photos.  If the photos is shot by a third party, it is also implied that you have "clear & free" permission from the photographer to use those photos on our site.

 Se presentate le vostre foto qui.  Ci avete dato l'autorità per usare quelle foto in nostre pagine.  Inoltre, avete l'autorità dal "photographer", per usare le foto qui.

For those of you have 5 or more high quality portfolio to show; who wants to break into modeling.  It will include your "vital statistics" & text about yourself.

Similar to the above, except more high quality photos to display; it will include all those basic "vital statistics" & more information about yourself & your professional work that you have done in the past.  Ideal for "freelance professional model" who is looking for modeling agencies to represent them.

Not happy with the quality of your photos?

"Do you want to be the Feature Model of the Week?"
Let your dreams come true, take your webcam, or digital camera, start posing, be creative ! Then, submit your photos, stats & profiles to us and we will do the rest.  Tell your friends about it.

" Are you a struggling Male Model? Cannot find a modeling  agency to represent  you?  "
Are you a struggling male model trying to get a break?  Are you trying to find a modeling agencies to represent you?  Try a different route, submit your portfolio to us and be the reature model. Then use your gallery here to scout for agency in your area by giving the URL, its a different way to go !  Give it a try and its free & you never know who will discover you !

 Its easy to make your own on-line portfolio "
Use your webcam to take your own photo shoots using its built-in timer.  Wear simple clothes that reflect your chosen style.  For best results use ample lighting with plain uncluttered background, black or white background  works the best.Thats the only way to get good results is to take a lot of photos & choose the best ones.

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