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First Runner up -  Male Model of the Year 2003

Jesse biggest break so far is appearance in the COFFIE TABLE COOK called

Male Perfection: Ripped, Shredded, and Muscular
Coffee Table Book By Athen Grey a very famous photographer


The book is now available via 23,000 book stores worldwide, such as Barnes and Noble and Amazon for $42.50-47.50.  Retailers can order it through Ingram's Books in Print Database.


 Jesse lives in a small town of 5600 people, its a very close knit community where everything is pretty nice & enjoys laid back country life. The atmosphere here is a bit comforting and not having the big city stress with traffic and poplulation.

Jesse used to workout at Gold's Gym in College Station but moved back home to finish up school. Now he workouts at one of his friends house--where he has alot of gym equipment. "Working out with him at time, since he is as dedicated as I am".

At the very young age, Jesse is pretty build, it took him  a while to build a body like that; starting with the basic workout, the first thing to do is to consult a doctor, if a certain exercise program is right for you.

The next step is to find an experienced person--usually a personal trainer or a friend, to advise you on "what level of exercise" is right for your age/build & fitness goals.
Proper diet & a healthy lifestyle are very important components in achieving your fitness or "bodybuilding" goals.  Taking proper supplements to complements your workout is also an integral part of any program.

Read alot of fitness & bodybuilding magazines; incorporate those things that you learn or read into your workout; proper weight training plus proper diet & supplements will yeild results in no time.

As a beginner, start with the basic workout of: Chest-tricep, bicep-back, shoulders-legs, abs workout.  These combinations yeilds the best results if executed properly, rest in between days. The rule is if you are tired, don't do it, you have to give time for muscle to grow.

Jesse's workout are presented here for informational purposes only.  Make sure to consult a doctor & professional trainer if you are starting any workout program.

" My workouts vary, shocking my muscles up by going back to previous workouts."

" I have noticed that working out more than an hour usually just makes you tired so I truncate my workouts to no more than an hour--not counting running. '

" I try to eat properly; I eat junk food just like everyone else, but try to eat Subway at least once a week."

"  I dont take any supplements--for those who wonder I just workout more, and run myself to use more energy than what I eat. At the end of the night you should be able to sleep like a baby.

" Most of my key workout come from my subscription to Men's Fitness.".

 Monday  Repetition Workout-Upper Body,"Chest & Arms"-
1) Bench-3 sets of 10 EXTRA 4th Set: If your feeling great I usually do a fourth set on bench to get totally failure out of my chest by adding 10 more lbs. and doing to failure. If you have a spotter get them to lightly help you out till failure. If you can do all these easily you should add more weight or try doing my workout with your own modifications as needed.
For ex... This is my workout I do: Start out with a 45 lb. weight on each side do 10 then add a 25 lb. to each side then do 10 reps and then add a 35 lb. weight to each side. If i cannot do 10 reps I stop there, but if I did that easy I end with 2 45 lb. weights on each side and do till failure.
2) Curl Bar 3 sets of 10
For ex...My workout on this is I start out with 25 lbs. on each side and do 10, then I take off the 25's and add a 35 lb. weight to each side and do 10. My third set is usually removing the 35's and adding a 45 lb. weight to each side and doing to failure.
3)Ticeps- 3 sets to failure.
For Ex...I normally do around 30 reps on each of these to failure.

4)Hammer Curls- 3 sets of 10
For ex...I start out with 20 lbs. on each side of a dumbell and then I add a 25 lb. weight to each side and I use these for the next 2 sets.
5)Military Press-3 sets of 10
For Ex....I start out with 35 lbs. on each side and then my second set I add 10 lbs. to make it 45 lbs. on each side and use this for the next 2 sets.

Tuesday Lower Body- -3 sets of 10
1)Leg Extension
For Ex...I start out with 2 45 lb. weights on and do 10 sets,then my second set I add a 25 lb. weight and do 10,and my third set I do 3 45 lb. weights till failure.
For ex...I normally am not strong in my legs so I start out with a 45 lb. weight on each side and do 10, then I add a 25 lb. weight to each side and my third set I add 10 more lbs. to the 25 lbs already on there and do to failure.
3)Upper Abs- 2 sets to failure
b)Cross Over Crunches
For Ex...I usually just run a mile or two.

 Wednesday Upper Body(Heavy)-3 sets to failure
1)Wide Grip Bench- Now this day is for heavy weight to where you can bearly do 10 reps.
2)Pull Ups
3)Bent Over Row
4)Barbell Curls
5)Close Grip Bench

Thursday :Lower Body and Cardio- 2 Sets to failure
1)Reverse Crunch
3)Seated Reverse Crunches
5)Leg Extionsion
6)Toe Raises

 Friday or Saturday :Make Up Day-3 sets of 7
3)Dumbbell Bench Press

 Sunday: Rest