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Presenting  Shawn Wakley

Ontario, Canada
Age: 21

Height: 5'8"  

Weight: 155lbs

Brown-green eyes

Blond-brown hair


Model's On-Line Portfolio

Shawn Wakley from Ontario Canada
Thrid Runner Up - Male Model of the Year 2002
Winner - Best Photo Shoots

Questions & Answers

What inspires you ? ( from Steve 2nd Runner Up )

1. In my life, inspiration is sought and found in the world around me. Events occuring across the ocean and those happening in my immediate surrounding push me towards that which I do. These occurances and happeningss feed and drive my passion; they inspire me to reach higher and pull harder than one may normally do. But most of all, they cause me to look at myself; who am I?, what am I doing?, how am I helping the rest of the world with my actions?

What's the first thing that comes into your mind when they mention "Brazil" ( Marcio 3rd Runner Up)

2. The first thought that crosses my mind when I think of Brazil is the though of my good friend Jon. He is of Brazilian descent and has changed my world in so manys. He has allowed me to see life on different levels and through the eyes of so many different people. He has helped me to understand why some things occur they way that they, and has helped me to appreciate who I am, and what I can do.

Who is your role model and Why? ( Steve 1st Runner Up

3. I would have to say that my role model is my aunt. She is a woman of about 45 who was put into a wheel chair about 7 years ago do to a spinal operation that was not successful. She was a fairly active woman with a very broad outlook on life and worldly, out-going view. One would assume such a tragic turn of events would incapacitate one's will and motivation, but she stayed strong. She never showed fear, nor contempt for her situation. The wheelchair was then only a new part of who she was and she learned to appreciate it. Then 2 years ago, she was diagnosed with diabetes, which in itself can be a tormenting disease to have to deal with. Again, she continued to smile and live as she always had. When I had questioned her about her undetering outlook on life, I asked her why she had retained such a positive attitude in spite of what has happened. Her simple response was that no matter how bad things go for us, there is always someone in this world for which they are worse. We should be happy that we are able to continue and embrace the change to overcome the new challenges that are presented to us.

Why do you think you would be a good Male Model of the Year 2002? ( Keith - Male model of the year 2001 )

4. In the spirit of humility, I believe that it is the internal being of a person that makes them an external beauty. I believe, in the humblest sense, that there is a beautiful person that lives within me who is constantly doing what he can to see the beauty in those around him. I know that being a male model comes with many expectations and superficial demands, but underneath the muscles and beautiful smile is a human being; if we lose the humanity in who we are, then we are nothing. I believe that I have a strong hold on who I am, what I will become, and how I hope to help the world around me.

What makes modelling important for you?

5. For me, I see modeling beyond the action of walking down a runway and smiling for a camera; modeling is a way to help and artist, perhaps a desinger, perhaps a painter, to realise their beautiful ideas. We being models are a group responsible for doing justice to the creativity presented to us and feeling the honour of being a part of something much larger. In many cases, we inspire and infuse wonderful, and positive ideas into society. At the same time, negative attributes are constantly stereotyped. When I model, I try to erase those negativite misconceptions to bring the true artistic integrity back to focus.

What/How do you feel when you get photographed?

6. When I am being photographed I feel as though I am letting the world into my being. Through my eyes, one can read who I am and how it is that I am feeling. It is a very liberating and uplifting experience to hear the click of the camera. Essentially, I am opening up and allowing you to see into me and be apart of who I am.

Who is your favourite male model and why?

7. I do not have one favorite male model. However, I find myself drawn to those who express emotion through their work. Many have had a picture taken that is void and cold. Those who are able to bring warmth and beauty into their persona are the ones that I favour over all others.

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