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Professional Male Model of the Year 2004
Male Model of the Year 2003 - Second Runner Up

Presenting Mykha
California USA

Age: 27 Years Old
Height:  6 0
Weight: 170  lbs
Hair: Black  
Eyes: Brown




Mykha Now  . . .
Well it surly has been a ride this year.  Since I entered your site and posted my pictures.  I've jumped into the swing of things and have kept myself busy.
I didn't win the contest ( back then ), but that didn't stop me from knocking on doors.  You defiantly have to believe in yourself, and you can't sit around waiting for the phone to ring.

So far this year, I've worked on a number of different promotions including Teen People Magazine, Harley Davidson and True.com.  I've
also worked a Sprint and Clorox Commercial, and yeah the all exciting fashion show.  

This year had a couple of 1st for San Francisco, and I was in two of them.  SF Fashion Week and Gen Art's Fresh Faces in Fashion are two shows that usually happens in New York and LA.   I was really excited to even be considered for either of them.  The Gen Art's show had a 70ft runway.  The longest and the largest show I've ever been in.  Thanks for your support.  

San Francisco Fashion Week 2004 – Hieros Design
Gen Art’s Fresh Faces in Fashion San Francisco 2004 – Hieros Design
Urbanology 2004 – SAA-Z Design

Hewlett Packard (HP)
Chevy Cavalier Brochure
Paramount Parks Brochure
Eddie Bauer Catalog
Intel Systems
Surge Cola

Teen People Magazine (Rock N Shop Tour)
US Army (Arena Football Tour)
Sprint PCS
Sirius Satellite Radio
Harley Davidson
H&R Block
Kellogg’s Corn Pops
Lexus RX
Bank of America
Ford Truck
American Express
Diet Mountain Dew
Shell Oil


Mykha Then . . .
I started doing small jobs during my senior year of high school. I've done pretty much a little of everything from Bridal shows to runway fashion shows. I've also managed to score some good print jobs including Sprint and Surge Cola.

 I tried to handle both during college but my class schedule got too crazy. I had to quite the business to finish school.

I now have a degree in Television and Video Production, so one day I'll be one of the those people you'll be coming too...lol. I'm now getting back into the business and hope to do bigger and better things.

So far I've managed to land bit parts in commercials and the Matrix sequels.
I believe anyone can make it in this business, you just have to be focus on your goals and be able to make sacrifices to be successfully.

I know that now, but I made a choice to complete something i started. I have no regrets, but then you can't sit around say "i should have". That will get you know where. So now I'm back to square one, and I'm fine with that.

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