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Proper dieting, in my opinion, is the most important level of determination because you need to have the fuel in your body to feed the fire. I am sure the phrase: "You are what you eat" is not new to anyone so that should always be a thought to keep in mind when

Dieting and working on a scheduled basis is essential because they compliment each other and that is needed in order to notice the results one is striving for.

You may or may not know, but protein is the building block for muscle.

Consuming foods such as: chicken, steak, egg whites, tuna or protein drinks are all low
in fat and high in protein. This is refreshing for the muscles after a good workout because muscles grow during the relaxation stage of the day and during the night when you are sleeping. Fish is another good source for protein.

Fat that is found in fish just happens to be good for you believe it or not. Everyone needs a little bit of fat in their diet
otherwise your body will create fat in areas you may
not what it to appear.

Another good idea to follow is snacking on fruits and vegetables when you feel the craving for chips or chocolate.  

Carrots, celery, broccoli, melon, strawberries, etc., are all good examples to snack on when your stomach is growling for attention. This sets the foundation to your body and applies it towards the next step.

Working out! Finding the motivation to get to the gym, giving 100% on the exercises and not cheating yourself are all obstacles that are faced everyday. In my opinion, the hardest part about working out is actually keeping with it on a regular basis and sticking to it even after results have been met.

One type of workout is toning body mass. If you are striving to tone your body (any particular body part), I have always worked with less weight and more repetitions. After hard work, determination and lots of water, your results will come out to compliment you with defining lines and muscle structure, but you will not look like Arnold Schwartznegger.

Another type of workout is building body mass. If you are striving to build muscle upon muscle, then power lifting is your ticket. Gaining muscle for bulk consists of lifting more weight with less repetitions or heavy weight with as many rep's as you feel comfortable with and of course consuming more water.

In my history of weightlifting, I found that I reach a plateau of muscle mass and I can't seem to gain anymore. Well, for all you people out there with this problem, I found a solution that helped me and may help you.

At my pinnacle, I found that if I increased my weight (not every set but every other day), on the bench press for example, I increased weight on warm-up sets and max-out sets. It wasn't until about a month after I tried this new routine and noticed the increase in weight.

One key to notice results and feeling the burn is to change up your routine frequently. For example, if you work your chest/arms one day then shoulders/back another day, try switching it up a bit and working chest/back then  arms/shoulders.

Workouts should last between 45-60 minutes, even if you go to the gym twice a week and remember to drink lots of water. Soon enough, you will have the body you've always wanted
and the camera will love you for that.

What would make the cover of a magazine or a winning photo in a modeling contest? If you guessed a good skin complexion, then you guessed correctly.

As you are well aware of the amount of sweat secreted when working out, running or doing any type of exercise; then you must understand that keeping your pores
cleansed and nourished will always be an advantage.  Wash your face with a gentle, natural exfoliating product of your choice.

Wash with warm water, then pat the skin dry. Twice a day is the recommended use for application.  I have kept the same routine for many years and it seems to be working good for me. After a day in the gym, I wash my face wash with warm/hot water only.

Then after working in the kitchen at my restaurant, I use a facial scrub with warm water when I get home before my shower. When I follow this routine, I find it to be helpful all around because my face is clean,
it is never dried out and my complexion remains above average.

Don't over-wash your face. Washing/scrubbing your face too much can irritate your skin by stripping extra oil and causing dryness. This creates a dry,
red, cracked appearance on your skin and this only takes longer to heal.

I recommend cleansers that are: colour free, perfume free, gentle and/or for sensitive skin. There are many foods that can help the complexion of your skin too. One example would be eating fruits.

Jacob Sawyer
Mr. Male Fitness Model of the Year 2003

The trick to help your skin with fruits is to eat them separate from other meals so your body can absorb the vitamins and other healthy nutrients all at once.

Another example of a skin cleansing food is garlic.  As you may know, garlic contains vitamin C. Even though this sounds out of the ordinary, but eating fresh or raw garlic (small amounts), is actually good for the skin.

Don't forget to drink water! Consuming
about 2 liters a day is very good for the skin/body because it hydrates, cleanses your kidneys, flushes out toxins and clears an opening through your pores allowing them to remain unclogged.

Where there's a good, there's a bad! Different foods react differently to other people. Foods to cut down on or stay away from include: caffeine, alcohol, spicy foods and chocolate are just a few examples.
Read the label and avoid the foods that are high in sodium & additives.