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Disclaimer: " MALE MODEL MILANO ITALY "  is not a Modeling Agency, It is a Male Model Portal that provides support, & free webpage services for models & models-to-be. Models that appear here is over 18 years old.  

The rights to the photos are owned by the respective members. MALEMODEL.8K.COM  does not claim ownership of the photos mentioned--unless otherwise specified. Therefore MM2.8k.com does not violate/infringe any copyrights. The respective photos are owned by the photographers and/or members mentioned herewith.

By signing up, you are giving MALEMODEL.8K.COM  the rights to use such photos for the purpose of setting up your on-line modeling portfolio & may time to time use such photos in the promotion of the website. If the photos is shot by a third party, it is also implied that you have "clear & free" permission from the photographer to use those photos.

Services offered is "as-is" basis, we can not be held responsible for any errors &/or ommissions--& the results thereof--on the use of your gallery.

The links, features, graphics, etc.. appearing on the site are provided for informational purpose only. MALEMODEL.8K.COM  does not own any of the said items--unless specifically mentioned otherwise. Therefore, MALEMODEL.8K.COM  does not violate/infringe any copyrights.  The copyrights are own by the respective companies & web site mentioned.

Lastly, MALE MODEL MILANO ITALY is NOT A PORNO SITE. We do not have pornography or nudity here. We are an amateur non-sexual Male Model Portal. We do not discriminate based on race, sexual orientation, beliefs & religion. Members that appear here, for the sole purpose of modeling (classic, shocking, traditional, alternative or otherwise) and not necessarily endorses &/or condone a specific lifestyle or sexual preference.

"Male Model Milano Italy" are used here as the theme of the website.     

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check out our past year's winners

Once Again I want to thank Frank and the rest of the Judges, i wish we could have more past winners/runner ups participated in the judging process coz the success of this site depends on you.  To the few who participated a big Thank you!! Frank, Mykha, Jesse & Jacob.

Eduardo - Site Owner

To all who qualified, taste in looks vary from one person to another. Sometimes its not how good you look but how you might suit a certain product they are selling. Also good looks is a matter of opinion. Someone I find good looking may not be to another person so please never take the judging personally. I think all of you have the POTENTIAL to make it in the industry, sometimes look has little to do with it. Sometimes drive and patience has more to do with it!

If this is what you really want to do, stick with it! Don't give up! Also realize it takes money to make money. Going to a cheap photographer for head shots or a portfolio and/or trying to do it yourself will usually result in cheap photos and lost work.

Go to legitimate agencies and ask them who they use. If you keep hearing the same names over again you are sure that they are the photographers you would like to use.

Anyway good luck to all of you and again had some of you had better photos ( a problem I saw with everyone) I'm sure your scores would be a lot different!

Frank ( Site Coordinator, Retired Actor )

Avviso: " "MALE MODEL MILANO ITALY" non è un'agenzia modellante, esso è un portale di modello maschio che fornisce il supporto, & i servizi liberi di webpage per i membri. Tutti i modelli hanno anni 18+ vecchi.  I diritti alle foto hanno posseduto dai membri rispettivi.

MALEMODEL.8K.COM  esigere la proprietà delle foto ha accennato -- salvo specificazione  contraria. Di conseguenza MALEMODEL.8K.COM  non viola o non infrange alcun  "copyrights". Le foto rispettive hanno posseduto "dal photographer" e/o dai  membri accennati con questo.

Firmando in su, state dando a MALEMODEL.8K.COM  i diritti di usare tali foto per lo  scopo di installazione della vostra cartella modellante & può usare tali foto nella promozione del website. Se le foto è abbia appartenere ad un terzo  partito, inoltre è implicato che abbiate "free & clear" il permesso dal "photographer" per usare quelle foto.

Non possiamo essere responsabili degli errori o del ommission sulla vostra galleria.  

"I marchi", "i grafici"," pagine di web" che sono publicate sul nostro luogo  sono forniti scopo informativo soltanto. MALEMODEL.8K.COM  non ne possiede c'è ne del detto articoli -- a meno che specificamente accennato al contrario. Di  conseguenza, MALEMODEL.8K.COM  non violi / non infrangono tutto il "copyrights". "il  copyrights" ha possedere dal rispettivo le aziende & il "Web site" hanno  accennato.

Infine, MALE MODEL MILANO ITALY non è Un LUOGO di PORNO. Non abbiamo pornografia o nudity qui. Siamo un portale di modello maschio dilettante. Non discrimini basato sulla corsa, sulla polarizzazione sessuale, o sulla religione. Membri  quello compare qui, per il solo scopo di modellistica (classico, scuotendo,  tradizionale, alternativa o al contrario) e non necessariamente firma tutta la  preferenza sessuale.

MALE MODEL MILANO ITALY è usato qui come il tema del  "website".

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